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  Do you like going camping? Are you worried about your safety when the camping? Wow, a great news is coming, it not only can bring the light , but aslo it can help you out of danger. It is called Led Camping Light.

  Details of led camping light:

1). 10 Meters Underwater

2).Portable Power Supply USB Outlet Match All kinds of Mobile PHone and Computer

3). 70Hrs Long Life Battery , 5200MA Lithium Battery
4). 40W incandescent bulb equivalent
5). High CRI and soft sunlight white color
6). 4-way dimmable (High-Medium-Low Brigh and Flashing 4-way Dimming Options)
7). High Crush and Compression resistance(Use high-strengthen PC Cover to make it rolling resistance)
8). Portable Mini size (Only 210g weight can be easily put into any of your bag)
9). Magnet Adsorption (Adsorptive to any kinds of Ironwares)

10). 3 Design type options (CT25,CT35 andCT45 for your option.

led camping light(2)led camping light(3)

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