1. Opening the downlight packaging should immediately check the product is intact. The appearance of non-human or manual requirements within the requirements of the failure caused by retreat may be returned directly to the retailer or factory replacement.

2.Turn off the power before installation to ensure that the switch is in a closed state, to prevent electric shock, lighting, light, the hand do not touch the lamp surface. This lamp should be installed in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas place, so as not to affect life.

3. Before using, please confirm the applicable power supply according to the installation quantity. This product is limited to indoor use, outdoor, please pay attention to waterproof installation before installation to ensure that the location can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.

4. Products using high voltage (110V / 220V) power lamp cup, should not work in the frequent power-off state, this will affect its life.

Die-casting Aluminum 6inch led downlight

5. Install in no vibration, no swing, no fire hazard flat areas, pay attention to avoid falling at high altitude, hard objects collision, percussion.

6. Such as long-term outage, downlight should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, prohibited in wet, high temperature or flammable and explosive places storage and use.

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