LED filament bulb is also called LED lamp post. In the past LED light source to achieve a certain degree of light intensity and light area,that need to install the lens and the like optical devices and will affecting the lighting effect, reduce the energy saving.
Yunsun LED filament is 360 ° full angle Luminous, large angle light and without lens, achieving three-dimensional light source, bringing unprecedented lighting experience.
A60 Dimmable Filament Bulb
0-100% dimmable is the advantage of Yunsun filament bulb. A60, C35,ST64, G45 and G80. All these filament bulb has dimmable and non-dimmable for option. But dimmable filament bulb is little higher than non-dimmable filament bulb.

LED filament can be used in crystal chandeliers, candle lights, bulb lights, wall lamps and other LED lighting products, for occasions: five-star business hotel, luxury luxury residential and other indoor lighting.

ST64 LED Filament Bulb

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