Yunsun LED is professional indoor LED light manufacturer since 2004.Most of there LED bulb has international patented lens design.
Following unique design C37 candle LED bulb:

COB from Epistar light source, CRI95 is available.  4W/5W led candle bulb is available, that equival 35w-50w incandescent.
Unique design with patented lens, make the beam angle wider.  0-100% smoothly dimmable, the dimming IC driver is NXP from Philip, match with triac dimmers in market.

COB dimmable candle bulb

It can be used in supermaret, hotel and home.The chandelier on hotel and sprayed lamp are all use candle bulbs. Yunsun LED candle bulbs mainly market is Japan. Also we supplt it for Sands Macao Hotel.

Whether you are replacing a light bulb in a street light, security light or an explosion proof fixture, these LED light bulbs have you covered.

led dimmable cob candle bulb

Yunsun LED have come a long way since they first appeared on the market back in 2004. And Most of there LED bulb has international patented lens design.

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