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 Nightlight opening night , will affect the child vision?

 There are baby at home every night, spare a thing - Nightlight, infancy, it easy for the mother breast-feeding or powdered milk; early childhood, Nightlight facilitate the child to urinate; families with elderly people, the night light will be open all night.

  Dont underestimate this night light, visual development presence recessive impact on children. For infants sleeping children, it is best not to open a night light. US ophthalmologist made a survey, sleep in a dark room where the child before the age of two, their myopia incidence rate of 10%, sleep in the open room night light children whose myopia incidence rate of 34%, sleep in the open room headlights children whose myopia incidence rate of 55%. Opening night light, the brain child not rest at night, increasing the burden on the eyes, doubling the chance of suffering from myopia.

  If the child urinate at night is not convenient, or mother to breastfeed her child, how to do it in just suggestions. First, choose soft night light ; second, try to lower the position, do not just above the child's eye.

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