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1 high reliability

LED products are mainly LED chips and power, cooling shell, control circuit and other components. LED power supply which directly affects the product is good or bad. In particular, LED street lamp products, due to installed at high altitude, maintenance is not convenient, maintenance costs are also large.


2 high efficiency

LED is energy-saving products, drive power also meet the energy requirements. Especially the power installed in the structure of the lamp, is particularly important. Because the LED luminous efficiency with the LED temperature increases and decreased. Power efficiency is high, its power consumption is small, in the lamp heat is small, it will reduce the lamp temperature. Can delay the LED light failure favorable.

4inch Die-casting Aluminum led downlight


3 constant current drive mode

In order to meet the LED VI characteristics, so the LED power supply must use constant current drive mode.


4 Surge protection

LED shock resistance is relatively poor, so to strengthen this protection. Especially some of the products installed in the outdoor, due to the start of the grid load and mine. So the LED drive power to suppress the surge of intrusion, the protection of LED is not damaged capacity.


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