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YUNSUN lighting charity team to carry out the warmth of life, sowing green hope, the love of charity donation treatment activities. After the local people enthusiastically took us to visit the classroom activities and living environment, the children, sent to the local residents of supplies in the treatment of company employees to actively participate in the activities of each link, bring health to local residents, to bring a warm, sincere to local residents through communication and caring, close and local residents, let them immersed in the warmth of love; in the donation link to local residents to send rice, children learning products, clothing, bedding and so on, local residents expressed thanks to the move.


The company has always been concerned about the difficulties of the masses, care for vulnerable groups in the world in our selfless strength, the participation in charitable donations consultation activities, with sincere, loving, caring for local children and disadvantaged groups and to bring love and warmth, carry forward the traditional virtues of helping the disabled fucan, enhancing corporate social sense of responsibility, to create a social atmosphere of respect for people with disabilities, so that they truly feel the love and warmth, and play the YUNSUN spirit of enterprise, build a platform to help the poor people, dedication of love. The follow-up will continue to carry out such activities, vigorously promote the concept of "everyone can be charitable", so that the concept of charitable values


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